HI Reagent

VDPro® HI Reagent
The Hemagglutination Inhibition Reaction Test is a typical standard antibody test for animal disease. It has been used to quantitatively measure antibodies to the pathogen. The test is somewhat inconvenient to use because it needs various types of buffer solutions and blood cells. However, it has been used worldwide as a global standard test until now. The antibody test for the major pathogens including swine parvovirus can precisely test standard antibody titers in serum samples with inexpensive HI diagnostic reagent so it can be used as a standard test for disease appraisal institutions. VDPro® HI Reagent offers a variety of standard HI test reagents for the antibody test of viral diseases in local swine.
VDPro® HI Reagent
  • Offers all buffer solutions, contrast reagents and antigens produced by the government’s test and standard test criteria.
  • Meets the global standard test criteria.
  • It can be used in a simple laboratory test at a reasonable cost.
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VDPro® PPV HI Reagent
VDPro® EMCV HI Reagent
VDPro® JEV HI Reagent


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100 Tests
100 Tests