AGID Reagent

VDPro® AGID Reagent
Agar gel immunodiffusion test (AGID) is a long-time used standard antibody test and can do the qualitative test for antibodies to pathogens. This test can be used as a confirming test of antibody because its specificity is very high although its detection sensitivity is low. VDPro® AGID Reagent provides diagnostic reagents capable to do a qualitative test of antibodies against bovine leukemia virus (BLV) and infectious bursa! disease virus (IBDV). This reagent can be used as a standard test of disease appraisal institutions. BLV AGID Reagent uses a FLK cell standard antigen and IBDV AGID Reagent is a standard AGID test reagent manufactured by using the recombinant VP2 protein as an antigen.
VDPro® AGID Reagent
  • Offers all buffer solutions, contrast reagents and antigens produced by the government’s test and standard test criteria.
  • Meets the global standard test criteria.
  • It can be used in a simple laboratory test at a reasonable cost.
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VDPro® BLV AGID Reagent
VDPro® IBDV AGID Reagent

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