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Bovine Leukemia Virus
Bovine Leukemia Virus (BLV) is a retrovirus that may cause lymphosarrooma in cattle. The virus resides in blood lymphocytes where circulating antibodies are unable to neutralize it. Therefore, once an animal is infected with BLV, it is infected for life.

BLV is economically significant to the producer because of premature culling or death as a result of lymphosarcoma. Another concern is the condemnation of carcasses at slaughter, which has a significant economic impact on the dairy and cattle industries. Losses from export restrictions are another economic concern of BLV infection. Countries that have bovine leukosis control programs require BLV-free certification prior to shipping cattle to their regions. Moreover, exporters of semen are under increasing pressure to ensure that their product is from a BLV-free animal in a BLV-free herd.

HRPro® Bovine Leukosis Ab b-ELISA
  • It is a product for in vitro diagnosis using blocking ELISA based on BLV antigen.
  • Represents the high sensitivity of 100%.
  • Represents the high specificity of 97.66%.
  • Color coded buffer system
  • Ready-to-use reagent, easy test
  • Cost savings by using strip plate
  • High reproducibility and high accuracy
  • Stable for at least 12 months in the cold storage
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VDPro® Bovine Leukosis Ab b-ELISA

192 Tests, 480 Tests