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ELISA for Swine

African swine fever (ASF) is an infectious disease of domestic and wild pigs of all breeds and ages, caused by ASF virus (ASFV). The clinical signs vary from peracute, acute, subacute to chronic, depending on the virulence of the virus. Acute disease is characterised by high fever, haemorrhages in the reticuloendothelial system, and a high lethality.

HRPro® ASFV Ab i-ELISA ver 2.0 is designed to detect presence of anti-ASFV antibody in swine serum. The ELISA plate is coated with recombinant ASFV antigen. If ASFV specific antibodies are present in a sample, the antibodies will bind to the antigen and react with HPRO Conjugate. The complex of anti-ASFV antibody and HRPO Conjugate is detected by color development after the enzyme substrate is added. Strong color development indicates the presence of antibodies to ASFV in the sample serum. Very weak or no color development indicates the absence of antibodies to ASFV in the sample. The result is calculated by using the sample to positive control (S/P) ratio.

  • Early detection test for ASFV antibody in swine herd
  • Reliable test with high sensitivity and high specificity
  • Superior performance comparing to competitor’s product
  • Clinical Specificity is 99.5% (736/740)
  • Multi-antigen indirect ELISA kit for the detection of antibodies against P30, P22 of the ASF virus in swine serum.
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HRPro® ASFV Ab i-ELISA ver 2.0

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