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VETIPEX’s values are at the core of everything, the company draws its strength in the respect of its principles and clients. We know that to be a successful company we must work together and respect our collaborators to adapt to the ever-evolving needs of our clients

VETIPEX is always ready to explore new technologies, and conscious of the great help they are to the veterinarian community. Its scientific team is dedicated to making continual progress in innovation and research in the field of immunology and blood transfusion

The company is committed to upholding the highest quality standards for our products. Its quality control department tests and validates each and every product before shipment. Vetipex set itself the goal to manufacture products of the highest standard. Our complete range of products is manufactured in Canada.

Vetipex is committed to being present in world conferences and congresses in the field of animal health. Its implication on the side of professionals is essential.

Precise Quantitative Outcomes
No Estimations, Negatives, or Positives.

Delivering precise quantitative answers in minutes, doing away with approximations and the need for confirmation from a reference lab, is affordable, quick, and proven to improve patient care. Vcheck can be utilized in-clinic as an adjunct to your point-of-care lab for quicker treatment plan commencement and time-saving diagnosis.

Cost Efficient

Significant cost savings per test on the most affordable analyzer available

Precise Quantitative Analysis

Provides an actual numeric result, not an estimate

In-Clinic Convenience

Diagnose patients faster and start treating sooner

Easy User Interface

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) reads handwriting directly from the test

Proven Accuracy and Reproducibility

Correlated against gold standard methods


A Long History of Diagnostics.

In the area of animal health diagnostics, Vetipex has a long history as a top research and development organization. The Vetipex team, with its headquarters in Minnesota, collaborates with veterinary surgeons and medical specialists all over the world. Vetipex has a distinctive position in the field of animal care diagnostics thanks to the leadership team, which includes highly experienced veterinary experts.

With more than 20 years of experience and as a global leader in the in-vitro diagnostics sector, Vetipex solutions give clinicians and doctors the most thorough understanding of patient diagnoses, enabling more efficient disease management and treatment. Vetipex builds enduring partnerships with you, our customer, to enhance patient outcomes swiftly, precisely, and effectively. These relationships span diagnostic reagents, quality control solutions, forensic toxicology, food diagnostics, workplace drug testing, and sexual and general health.

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Value through Innovation

It recognizes that in a competitive and fast changing world, the values of products, services and companies are constantly changing. For things to have real value to the customer, they must be superior to any other offering - and therefore better than they were before. Real customer value can only be created by the VETIPEX constantly finding ways of doing new things well or doing the same things better.

Thus, the only way for the company to create Value is through Innovation.


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From banking and insurance to wealth the management

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